Monday, July 11, 2005

Is "Brother" Mike DePhillips "Detective" Mike DePhillips?

Is Detective Mike DePhillips, who was in charge of the investigation of the Hosanna cult, the "Brother" and "Pastor" who wrote "Living Under the Shadow!"? If not, it's an amazing coincidence.

While thinking about that, ponder what "Altar Call" might mean, if a homonym for the word altar is substituted?

And is anyone inclined to order this book?

About this Book:
Destiny isn't determined by your enemy but through your intimacy with God. Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness making what the Bible tells us is an 11 day journey because the attitude of their heart wasn't in fellowship with God. They traded an intimate relationship with God for having Moses do all their praying, repenting and hearing from God making them lack a faith that overcomes circumstances. Many modern Christians have made the same mistake and live their Christian life in the "wilderness" never having all that God has promised but their is hope! By finding the secret place of the Most High as Psalm 91:1 says, we can live under the shadow of God.

About the Author:
Brother Mike DePhillips is the Senior Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Quitman Mississippi and President of Altar Call Ministries. Since entering the ministry, he has graduated from Andersonville Baptist Seminary with a Bachelor of Ministry as well as currently attending New Orleans Baptsit Theological Seminary. Brother Mike is a former Police Officer and Karate Instructor that has used his secular experience to make inroads for relational evangelism as well as foreign mission work on the island of Trinidad.

He is married to the former Carol Bergeron and the father of four sons: Michael, Matthew, Marcus and Daniel who support him in his decision for Christ.

Order/Contact Info: or you may write

Altar Call Ministries
191 County Road 132
Quitman MS 39355


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