Thursday, July 07, 2005

Historical precedent for Gitmo psychological abuse

From declassified MKULTRA documents, which can be found here:

"The final phase of testing MKULTRA materials involves their application to unwitting subjects in normal life settings. It was noted earlier that the capabilities of MKULTRA substances to produce disabling or discrediting effects or to increase the effectiveness of interrogation of hostile subjects cannot be established solely through testing on volunteer populations."

In other words, captives or the unwitting are the prime guinea pigs.

As the French say, Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.


Anonymous albion said...

you might want to follow up on the whole 'honeypot' angle too. i'm still baffled by the "al qaeda infiltration" of the army muslim chaplain program. remember that? a couple of army chaplains were arrested & charged with spying for al qaeda. there were rumors of pornography... then it all went away. all a mistake! iirc, some of the names involved were captain james yee, abduraham alamoudi, sami al-arian. maybe grover norquist? steve emerson's "american jihad" looks like it might be helpful, but i haven't read it. anyway its mostly only right-wingers concerned with it - possibly because it's connected with the "madrassas" you used to hear so much about.

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