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Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo

It just gets darker every day.

According to an article in the New Yorker (one of the only major publications still gutsy enough to print critical, investigative journalism), the ghosts of Gottlieb, Cameron, and the other architects of MKULTRA and BLUEBIRD are alive and well and continuing their devastating psychological abuse and experimentation. A new generation of psychologists and physicians are turning the Hippocratic Oath on its head in their attempts to shape and modify behavior -- much of it under the guise of "extracting information" from "terrorists" (some of whom are innocents caught up in the post-9/11 dragnet). It doesn't take much reading between-the-lines to see what is actually happening behind the scenes at Guantanamo -- and what is taking place is ugly and deeply disturbing, and all too familiar to students of the more sinister threads of history.

Many of the revelations in the New Yorker article ("The Experiment," by Jane Mayer, July 11 & 18, 2005 -- not yet available online, but here's an interview with the author) are familiar, but there are hints of techniques that mirror the most horrific (and mostly ignored) abuses at Abu Ghraib and the historical accounts of government-sponsored mind control. Baher Azmy, a professor at Seton Hall Law School who is representing one detainee, states in the article, "The whole place appears to be one giant human experiment." (p. 62)

The people behind these psychological abuses and experiments are known as Behavioral Science Consultation Teams, or BSCTs (commonly called "biscuits"). Originally, BSCTs served as therapists and dispensed psychotropic drugs to soldiers, and evaluated their combat readiness. Post 9/11, however, their mission was altered -- instead of helping soldiers, their talents were turned to interrogation and psychological torture under the umbrella of military intelligence.

Mayer also unearths the role of the military's highly classified "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape" (SERE) program, originally developed by the Air Force at the end of the Korean War (not coincidentally at the same time as the birth of U.S. mind control programs in response to the return of "brainwashed" POWs). The SERE program subjects soldiers to high-stress simulations of stressful detention and torture, in order to prepare them for the possibility of capture. In a familiar post-9/11, rabbit hole inversion, however, SERE was "reverse-engineered" to facilitate the psychological torture of GITMO prisoners. All of the data designed to aid U.S. soldiers was turned on its head and put to use -- by scientists and medical professionals -- to break open the minds of U.S. detainees. One classic example is the mistreatment of holy books. Indeed, according to Mayer, the Koran desecration incidents are a classic SERE tactic. Christian U.S. troops undergoing SERE training were forced to witness the shredding of a Bible -- a tactic long before the Rovian disinfo blitz that sent Newsweek cowering like a beaten dog for daring to comment on the practice.

Yet that tactic pales when compared to some of the other, more suggestive, techniques alleged in the article, such as:

A prisoner is shown a picture of a telephone. A psychologist asks him what it is. When he answers that it's a telephone, the psychiatrist angrily responds: "It's not a telephone -- it's a bomb!" What kind of exercise is this, and what is the purpose of it? The prisoner's lawyer claims it has only one goal: to make the prisoner believe he is insane. (p. 63) Induction of cognitive dissonance is a trademark technique of mind control.

Detainees are subjected to "noise stress," including tape loops of babies crying, loud music, cats meowing, and even a Yoko Ono album. (p. 65) One detainee was allegedly wrapped in an Israeli flag while subjected to loud music and a strobe light. Add some psychotropic drugs into the mix (courtesy of the BSCTs pharmaceutical arsenal) and you've created a masterful trip into hell.

Clearly the purpose of these treatments is not to gain information. Most of the detainees are low-level members or conscripts of Al Qaeda, and many are innocents. The military has admitted that only a quarter of the detainees had any valuable information. Is Guantanamo the 21st Century version of Allan Memorial Hospital -- an experimental torture chamber for testing new mind-altering and controlling technologies?

I commented in November, 2004 on some of the less-publicized, but deeply disturbing revelations about Abu Ghraib as reported in The Guardian. Please read this if you haven't, as it adds chilling insight into the Mayer article. Some particular elements stand out:

"Yeah, the beast in man really came out at Abu Ghraib," he said.

"You mean in the photographs?" I asked.

"Everywhere," he said. "The senior leadership were screwing around with the lower ranks ... "

I told Joseph I didn't understand what he meant.

He said, "The senior leaders were having sex with the lower ranks. The detainees were raping each other."

And this:

An aide to Condoleezza Rice, the White House national security adviser, visited the prison, to inform the interrogators sternly that they weren't getting useful enough information from the detainees. "Then," Joseph said, "a whole platoon of Guantánamo people arrived. The word got around. 'Oh God, the Gitmo guys are here.' Bam! There they were. They took the place over." Perhaps Guantánamo Bay was Experimental Lab Mark 1, and whatever esoteric techniques worked there were exported to Abu Ghraib.

Esoteric, indeed. And then there was this in the NY Post (no longer available on their site):

Iraq's feared Abu Ghraib jail was one big sex romp - sometimes by candlelight with an audience watching, U.S. troops said yesterday....

"There were lots of affairs. There was all kinds of adultery and alcoholism and all kinds of crap going on," said Dave Bischel, a National Guardsman with the 870th Military Police unit, who returned home from Abu Ghraib last month.

"There was a bed found in one of the abandoned buildings. There was a mattress on the ground. They had chairs all circled around it and candles all over the place," said Bischel, adding the chairs were "obviously for an audience."

An audience of who, and for what purpose?

Mayer's New Yorker article contains another link to sexual practices:

...He was taken into an interrogation room whose door was open to an adjacent room filled with computers. Military police shackled him to the floor, he said. In the computer room, a naked man and woman were having sex on a table. Afterward, he said, the man put on his clothes and started to question him, telling him that if he cooperated, he, too, could have sex with his "girlfriend." (p. 71)

Just another humdrum day at Guantanamo Bay?

There is a well-documented, historical convergence of psychological torture and sexual tactics by the CIA and other clandestine organizations -- classic tactics of mind control, from the lowliest cult to the high-level, government sanctioned creation of "Manchurian Candidates." But what is the aim at Guantanamo? To extract information, as the Pentagon would have us believe? Or is it to further refine methods for breaking down minds and creating dissociation in order to craft more effective assassins? When these prisoners are released -- as many of them ultimately will be -- will they be cutting edge tools of their Spook masters, unleashed to create more programmed chaos and manufactured "terrorism?" Will their names turn up as future hijackers, suicide bombers, and political assassins?

A "giant human experiment" indeed.

One last note:

Again and again we see hints of ritual sexual practices in the most secretive corners of Military Intelligence (as superbly chronicled by Jeff Wells on his Rigorous Intuition blog). I think this is the most important, and regularly overlooked, clue about what really goes on behind the locked doors in the heart of Black Ops. Mayer is giving us a vital clue when she places the sexual incident described above at the close of her article. Pay close attention.


Anonymous Starman said...

Very disturbing reading -- Great comments and observations on an incredibly difficult, important issue. Anybody have an 'tips' on how to constructively 'deal' with the feelings of outrage, disgust, revulsion, and frustration knowing that such things occur on a widespread basis by one's own country? God, but I get tired of feeling appalled and hoping that something positive will change -- but I don't see it on the horizon.

And too, we have to strongly suspect the same kind of outrages happening at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib are happening in most if not all of the other dozen+ prisons in Iraq, and how many 'other' US-run prisons and rendition-destinations around the world? Goes to show how cruelly-thin the bloody facade of American regard for Human Rights and Social Justice is ...

Recent readings and link with short comment I've posted to the RI board recently, as Kathleen Sullivan analyzes the Abu Ghraib torture practices in the contect of RA principles developing out of Project Monarch and similiar MY-Ultra mind-control programs:

"Given the ghastly mind-control experiments constantly being conducted
by the CIA, and its past connections to fiendish monsters like Dr
Campbell and Dr Sidney Gottlieb, it does not take much to conclude that
the CIA follows satanic roads," Coleman concludes in his monograph,
"Illuminati in America".

Also, esp. appropriate to analysing the nexus of US Military prison torture practices with Satanic/occult practices/tradition and CIA/MiLIntel mind-control research/ops:
Kathleen Sullivan identifies and analyzes the Abu Ghraib torture/abuse practices that are common to those the CIA and Military Intelligence perfected and used through MKULTRA mind-control research, comparing and contrasting the effect to prisoners and ritual-abuse/mind control victims.

NOTE: This is one of the most detailed treatments of the Abu Ghraib prison abuses, giving an accurate sense of how thoroughly foul and detestable those officers are in the chain of command who either authorized or by their criminal negligence allowed these abuses to occur -- as well as serving a powerful indictment of an unaccountable military and political bureaucracy under the corrupt 'leadership' of the neocon clique that deliberately created the specific and necessary legal, military culture and occupation conditions in order to facilitate the enormous abuses that subsequently occurred.

For all the good the photo leaks did, how much worse might conditions have been if the Abu Ghraib prison photos hadn't been widely posted? I guess I'm modestly surprised there haven't been more whitleblowing leaks, but I suppose the military indoctrination against betraying or letting-down one's 'own' is a powerful deterrant.
Sadly ...

3:05 PM  
Blogger McCoy said...

Great post; I look forward to your far too infrequent observations. “A prisoner is shown a picture of a telephone. A psychologist asks him what it is. When he answers that it's a telephone, the psychiatrist angrily responds: "It's not a telephone -- it's a bomb!" What kind of exercise is this, and what is the purpose of it?” Just yesterday I was glossing back over Vallee’s Dimensions and stopped at The Confusion Tehnique In The Contact Ritual. The similarities are striking. I sympathize with Starman’s comment “I get tired of feeling appalled and hoping that something positive will change -- but I don't see it on the horizon.” I often think about our subhuman elite hierarchy and how they’re seemingly beyond reach. They use race, religion and nationality among other divisive factors to both obscure, and propagate their agenda (whatever that may be). I find myself thinking we need a one world secular government to relieve ourselves of this mess, and that seems to be exactly what they want. As if that’s not enough, there’s that issue of deity involvement.

A "giant human experiment" indeed.

I was wondering, have you read William Bramley’s The Gods Of Eden, and if so, what is your opinion of it?

BTW, the Solway Firth photo really is captivating, never ran across it before. THE Alabama Tinfoil Alien is an interesting connection. I did a sketch of a figurine attributed to the Dogon on display at a local museum a few years ago, and perhaps it’s my imagination, but I see a similarity. Check it out

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only hope we have of ending this and other NWO activities is:

11:25 AM  
Anonymous occult investigator said...

Great work!

“A prisoner is shown a picture of a telephone. A psychologist asks him what it is. When he answers that it's a telephone, the psychiatrist angrily responds: "It's not a telephone -- it's a bomb!" What kind of exercise is this, and what is the purpose of it?”

I highly recommend checking out the Scientology Training Routines as they make use of extremely similar techniques. I also have an article I put together about it here.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put Kay Griggs:"how deep does the rabbit hole go?"(Google),Gitmo,Cathy O'brien/Mark Phillips book "Transformation of America" (The best of all info)and you have a beautiful country, OURS! gone forever!!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, it's never been about getting information. Otherwise, we wouldn't be using torture methods.
Even torturers agree that it's a bad method of getting reliable information, because people will say anything to get the pain to stop, or to get a quicker death. And what do you call it when we make inmates think they're drowning or suffocating, not to mention actually kill some?

There's no justification.

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My question is, and I know your assertion is correct, who does the actual research and torture?

Is it schools like Princeton, private contractors paid to torture, upscale, not the downscale filth like Blackwater -- these people like to think of themselves as elite, and various factions of the army?

They need to be named, as they are committing war crimes, period.

I get the feeling that thepeople who do these things have made a fortune. Are they the same people who run those corporate type retreats, to "help" workers relate to each other?

Do you knwo the type?

They run those seminars weekend retreats for companies like Microsoft or IBM.

So many Americans made so much money off the torture and suffering, the absolute destruction of Iraq.

And yet, they still feel they did nothing wrong.

They just cannot get through the denial, to recognize that what theyhave done is a war crime.

Driving a prisoner to suicide, deliberately, to research the psychology of the mind, which is what they are doing at GITMO, and elsewhere, is a paychological war crime.

All those who participated should be tried and held accountable.

Can you imagine profitting off psychological experiments on humans?

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Carolyn Williams Palit said...

This country has decended into fascism -- many Americans just do not know it yet.

I have been attacked by psychotronic weapons for 16 years. Eight of those years it was mainly covert testing. The last eight years the testing became out and out overt torture.

Starting around 1998 they made no pretenses about what they were doing to me. After 9-11, the attacks became a constant and became horrific. They began to fry the hell out of me. They are frying the hell out of thousands of other Americans including infants in their quest to fracture psyches for "programming."

They have largely picked on the people in America that they perceive as having have no social power and who they think will not be missed. The list of victims of psychotronic, directed energy weapons includes high numbers of so-called "undesirables."

Many are gays/lesbians, people of color, the homeless, the poor, an unusually high number of women and children, Jews, the working class, immigrants, and even conservative, but truly devout Christians (unlike those fakers in The White House).

Though this list reads much like a list one would expect the Nazis to draw up (but I suspect it was someone named North or Cointelpro who drew it up), there are also Americans on it who are well-off financially, have high-placed careers, and some are long-term Republicans.

As best as we can figure, they are going after anyone a Nazis mentality would go after along with anyone who might gripe if Americans completely lost their civil rights. We are the first victims of the new American pogroms. You are next.

Americans need to start listening to us. These weapons exist and are being used on the common citizen.

Many of us believe it is all just a continuation of the MKULTRA programs. Of course, this is exactly what is happening at Gitmo -- brainwashing and electronic torture. Rape or sexual torture is one aspect of the program. Electronic rape is also a part of the program.

You can add a 24 hour 7 days a week every second electron beam to the list of tortures that the detainees are going through at the hands of these soldiers or CIA advisors. That electron beam is applied to every part of the body.

The people doing this tell themselves, I am sure, that they are doing something good to advance scientific knowledge on "influence technology" or to illicit information, but it is all an excuse for pathological behavior.

They are raping and frying us and the Gitmo and Iraqi detainees for the good, old U.S.A.

Must the rest of America be tortured before they will listen to their fellow Americans?

Sadly, I think so. Why? Because too many Americans ignore other Americans' pain and oppression. And, because they can not get their t.v. level brains around a subject that is not in their reality construct. They don't try to understand the subject, they just thank God it is not them and go on about their business.

Never mind that America will be become a high-tech torturer's playground. Expect mass genocide. Expect to lose all of your freedoms. Expect poverty and disappearances. It is here.

Please go look at the pictures of torture in America on my site.

12:30 AM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...

Government sanctioned directed energy weapons technology is being used to torture and murder thousands of victims in the United States alone. This is being done by US Intelligence and the NSA, FBI and CIA are prime culprits here.

The USA has become a fascist nation.

Learn more by visiting my Website:

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Kenny said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All are true of American Government with achievement of mind control technology and use satellites to carrying out secret unsuspected worldwide attacks daily then and now.

All please join in and make them naked to the world yet.


1:29 PM  

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