Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Whitley Strieber's latest

Always interesting to hear what Whitley's saying, and I'm glad he's revisiting the "Visitors."

An excerpt:

A few days after the event, I believe, on the Wednesday, I drove into New York City to see my doctor. He listened to my story and examined me. There occured during that examination one of the most agonizing experiences I have ever known. He took one glance at the condition of my rectum and blurted out, "you've been raped." I was so terribly, terribly humiliated by this that it has taken me these twenty long years even to put those words down on paper. Only last June did I utter them to another person, when I told Anne what he had said, and told a psychologist I am thinking of working with this spring. And now I have said it.


Blogger Reverend Bob said...

I agree - it was interesting. I've always had a mixed reaction to Whitley because half the time he's seemed like some kind of apologist for beings that seemed demonic or at the least, nonconsensual in their activities.

5:13 PM  

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