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Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found

One of the most important news items to emerge in some time. Too bad it will get no play in the MSM.

An excerpt:

9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI


One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all.

Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them.

Flight recorders (commonly known as black boxes, though these days they are generally bright orange) are required on all passenger planes. There are always two-a flight data recorder that keeps track of a plane's speed, altitude, course and maneuvers, and a cockpit voice recorder which keeps a continuous record of the last 30 minutes of conversation inside a plane's cockpit. These devices are constructed to be extremely durable, and are installed in a plane's tail section, where they are least likely suffer damaged on impact. They are designed to withstand up to 30 minutes of 1800-degree heat (more than they would have faced in the twin towers crashes), and to survive a crash at full speed into the ground.

All four of the devices were recovered from the two planes that hit the Pentagon and that crashed in rural Pennsylvania. In the case of American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, the FBI reports that the flight data recorder survived and had recoverable information, but the voice recorder was allegedly too damaged to provide any record. In the case of United Airlines Flight 93, which hit the ground at 500 mph in Pennsylvania, the situation was reversed: the voice recorder survived but the flight data box was allegedly damaged beyond recovery.

But the FBI states, and also reported to the 9-11 Commission, that none of the recording devices from the two planes that hit the World Trade Center were ever recovered.

There has always been some skepticism about this assertion, particularly as two N.Y. City firefighters, Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, claimed in 2004 that they had found three of the four boxes, and that Federal agents took them and told the two men not to mention having found them. (The FBI denies the whole story.) Moreover, these devices are almost always located after crashes, even if not in useable condition (and the cleanup of the World Trade Center was meticulous, with even tiny bone fragments and bits of human tissue being discovered so that almost all the victims were ultimately identified). As Ted Lopatkiewicz, director of public affairs at the National Transportation Safety Agency which has the job of analyzing the boxes' data, says, "It's very unusual not to find a recorder after a crash, although it's also very unusual to have jets flying into buildings."

Now there is stronger evidence that something is amiss than simply the alleged non-recovery of all four of those boxes. A source at the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency that has the task of deciphering the date from the black boxes retrieved from crash sites-including those that are being handled as crimes and fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI-says the boxes were in fact recovered and were analyzed by the NTSB.

"Off the record, we had the boxes," the source says. "You'd have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here."

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Blogger AJ said...


Great post! I have always wondered how intelligent people, much smarter and more 'Christian' than I,

could buy into the logic that the authorities had found ID of the highjackers, and other personal
things *miraculously*
in perfect condition.

Then say the black box was never found, or found too damaged to be of use.

Christ what a farce.

It just occurred to me, that you have this post that is not becoming to the powers that be,
and yet you were allowed exit and reentry into the US.
I wonder if they would give Jeff Wells the same privilege?

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a couple of problems with Dave Lindroff's article. Particulary in the following excerpt:

There has always been some skepticism about this assertion, particularly as two N.Y. City firefighters, Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, claimed in 2004 that they had found three of the four boxes, and that Federal agents took them and told the two men not to mention having found them. (The FBI denies the whole story.)

Mike Bellone was never a New York City fire fighter and not even an honorary one.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2005


Today, Fire Marshals from the New York City Fire Department’s Bureau of Fire Investigation announced the arrest of Michael Bellone, age 51 of 2473 65 th Street in Brooklyn , N.Y. Mr. Bellone was arrested at Fire Department Headquarters in downtown Brooklyn after being interviewed by Fire Marshals regarding an FDNY Scott air tank, harness, regulator and mask that were in his possession. The items were reported missing from the Fire Department’s Mask Service Unit on October 1, 2001.

Mr. Bellone is being charged with grand larceny, criminal impersonation and possession of stolen property.

October 19, 2005

MEQUON - Michael Bellone, the self-proclaimed "honorary New York firefighter," who spoke to 100-200 people at Concordia University about the events of 9-11 is a "fraud," according to New York Fire Marshal Conrad Tinney.

Also, Mr. Bellone has never claimed to have found all three black boxes with Mr. DeMasi. What he has said was that he saw a damaged orange box with white stripes tied to the back of DeMasi's ATV. As for Nicholas DeMasi, the only thing I can find about him in connection with this story is a passage attributed to him in a book titled "Behind-the-Scenes: Ground Zero".

At one point I was assigned to take Federal Agents around the site to search for the black boxes from the planes. We were getting ready to go out. My ATV was parked at the top of the stairs at the Brooks Brothers entrance area. We loaded up about a million dollars worth of equipment and strapped it into the ATV. When we got into the ATV to take off, the agent accidentally pushed me forward. The ATV was already in reverse, and my foot went down on the gas pedal. We went down the stairs in reverse. Fortunately, everything was okay. There were a total of four black boxes. We found three.

"Behind-the-Scenes: Ground Zero" was written by Gail Swanson with help from Bellone and retired fireman Robert Barret.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to anonymous you are retarded because he was a voluntary rescue worker. there are pictures of him on the atv at ground zero and also pictures of him with his uniform on.

that picture is from the ground zero museum you dumb retard

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the first anymous guy who said mike wasnt even a fire fighter sure he was i know the guy your probably from the fbi trying to cover it up make him look like a shmuck well fuck you mister tell the truth about 9/11

10:41 PM  

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