Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bush's Wiggly Jaw

Anyone who has watched Bush's public appearances in the last few months has likely noticed his odd, wiggling jaw movements. One possibility is that Bush has tardive dyskinesia, which can be caused by some psychiatric medications.

I found this link on Dailykos.

From the commentary:

One doctor I know told me he saw 40 examples of these movements in one five-minute speech by Bush (I think it was the speech announcing Roberts for the Supreme Court, but I never saw that one myself so can't confirm). Bush's jaw-thrusting is outward and to one side, and sometimes it completely sends his jaw out, usually at the end of a sentence. The jaw movements are CNS (Central Nervous System) mediated, and probably dopominergically related. The movements are seen in individuals using or abusing drugs affecting the dopominergic system (neuroleptics, anti-psychotics, etc; neuroleptics are a kind of anti-psychotic)...

In short, no one knows what Bush is on, but he's on something, and something has changed in recent months. The docs may be tweaking his meds, trying to find the most effective cocktail. "I can't believe people aren't talking about it in the news," one doctor told me. (This guy is a well-regarded physician of referral with many years' experience in this area, so I trust him.)

His father, remember, was on Halcyon and exhibited strange behavior.


Blogger Tlachtga said...

"I can't believe people aren't talking about it in the news," one doctor told me.

I can believe it. No one talked about Roosevelt's wheelchair, either.

10:39 AM  

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