Friday, September 16, 2005

Study: Human Hands Emit Light

This is quite interesting to me. As a student of qigong (a Chinese system of energy healing), I have often looked for empirical validation of the qi energy.

Also, in the early days of my attempts to open the doors of perception, I clearly saw light emitted from several persons' hands.

Now we have clear evidence that our bodies emit light -- and from the hands and feet (as qigong suggests) and the forehead (the third eye chakra, associated with the pineal gland).

Science seems to be continually catching up to mysticism.


Blogger McCoy said...

That is interesting. I’ve been fascinated by Kirlian photography since I first saw it. I know it’s a different technology, but it seems to be covering similar ground. I’ve always liked this Tesla quote: "On that day when science begins to investigate non-physical phenomena, it will make greater progress in a decade than in all the centuries it has existed".

4:02 PM  
Anonymous samm said...

i think this is fascinating. i first heard this from my discover science magazine. i looked it and it said that this light may be caused by a kind of chemluminesense(spelled wrong i know, but really most other 15 year olds dont even know what it is) made by chemical reactions in the skin. my email is if u have comments, or something.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous druid soul said...

Perhaps a visit to Machu Picchu is in order, Professor?
I've felt for years that if one can reach a certain state of tranquility or bliss through meditation, that one will see the light energy emitted by all manner of matter. Of course focusing one's eyes a certain way will allow auras to pop, I've found. There's even a strong feeling that levitation could come if I could totally free the brain clutter. The dreams are too vivid and frequent - I know it's in there somewhere. Has anyone reading this had any levitation experiences?

7:01 PM  

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