Thursday, September 08, 2005

William Rivers Pitt | Let the Dead Teach the Living

An excerpt from the article:

"A first-hand account from a professional psychologist named Anne Gervasi is making the rounds. Gervasi traveled to New Orleans to volunteer her time in rescue and rehabilitation efforts in Reunion Arena and the Civic Center. 'I am no infection guru,' reported Gervasi, 'but as soon as I heard on day one that people with no water were forced to drink water with bloated bodies, feces, and rats in it, the thought of cholera, typhoid, and delayed disease immediately occurred to me. What if the fears of disease are correct? People are fanning out throughout America. Where is the CDC?'"

A very good question.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Googled this account and discovered that at least one blog says Anne Gervasi didn't write it, that it was in fact written by a Dr. Shari Julian. Before I passed it on, I wrote Ms. Gervasi and asked her if those were her words, at the e-mail address given. She responded immediately and said:

"Since Shari Julian was on Dateline Friday, I feel that I can tell you that she is my friend who donated her time working with refugees. I am NOT a psychologist, and I don’t want her ideas misrepresented as mine; PLEASE pass this on. I know that Shari will be delighted with your response to her. I do not want any of the Princes of Spin to use this mix-up against her or against me. I agreed to pass on her reflections since I have an extensive email list. Somehow, my name became associated as the psychologist. I am an English professor, so please contact Dr. Julian at the addresses in the cc line."

Dr. Julian's address is sharijulian at

(The blog in question is William River Pitt's, who acknowledged his original error and has corrected the information.)

7:54 PM  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

Thanks, anonymous, for that correction.

8:24 PM  

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