Friday, September 29, 2006

Hosanna Church Case Update - 9.29.06

I've received some interesting information about the case -- as always, with the caveat that this is secondhand information and I cannot vouch for its veracity. If anyone has confirmatory documentation, please feel free to send them to me (anonymously or otherwise).

According to my sources, a ranking detective in the Hosanna Church case left the Tangipahoa Parish sherrif's office because of the corruption he witnessed. According to the same source, five -- yes, five -- detectives resigned after the Hosanna investigation concluded.

One of the five was Michael DePhillips.

This story just gets stranger and stranger.

I'd like to encourage those living in Ponchatoula (and nearby) who are following this case to post any links from local media in the comments section. I'd also appreciate scans or clippings, since apparently some of the stories that get printed in the newspapers don't get published in the online editions -- which makes it difficult for me to stay up-to-date.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spoke to a detective with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office who did state that Mike Dephillips did leave and join the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office. And that a few other detectives did leave, but he didn't state the number of those, or the reason they left. He refused to comment on it. But added that they were involved with the Hosanna case. I'm still trying to find out more information and will post when I do.

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