Monday, July 31, 2006

Germ War

Time to head to Mother Abigail's. . . .

US Begins Building Treaty-Breaching Germ War Defence Centre

By Julian Borger

The Guardian UK

Monday 31 July 2006

Construction work has begun near Washington on a vast germ warfare laboratory intended to help protect the US against an attack with biological weapon, but critics say the laboratory's work will violate international law and its extreme secrecy will exacerbate a biological arms race.

The National Biodefence Analysis and Countermeasures Centre (NBACC), due to be completed in 2008, will house heavily guarded and hermetically sealed chambers in which scientists simulate potential terrorist attacks.

To do so, the centre will have to produce and stockpile the world's most lethal bacteria and viruses, which is forbidden by the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. Three years before that treaty was agreed, President Richard Nixon halted the production of US biological weapons at Fort Detrick in Maryland. The same military base is the site for the new $128m (£70m), 160,000 sq ft laboratory.

The green light for its construction was given after the September 11 attacks, which coincided with a series of still-unsolved anthrax incidents that killed five people. The department of homeland security, which will run the centre, says its work is necessary to protect the country. "All the programmes we do are defensive in nature," Maureen McCarthy, director of homeland security research and development, told the Washington Post. "Our job is to ensure that the civilian population of the country is protected, and that we know what the threats are."

The biological weapons convention stipulates that the signatories must not "develop, produce, stockpile, or otherwise acquire or retain" biological weapons, and does not distinguish between offensive and defensive intentions.

A presentation given by Lieutenant Colonel George Korch said the NBACC would be used to apply "red team operational scenarios and capabilities" - military jargon for simulating enemy attacks.

Some analysts say the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the project will heighten suspicions of US intentions and accelerate work on similar facilities around the world.


Blogger AJ said...

Awkk. Ebola, what a horrendous disease. Funny, I just came from visiting friends in DC, traffic is still a mess and it was hotter than Jerry Falwell's hell.
I wonder what would happen to the traffic jams on the high rise bridge from the Eastern Shore if there was ever a security breach in such a facility?
And speaking about Ebola-did you run across the early 90's Ebola outbreak in a RESTON VA (near DC) animal experimental/brokerage facility?
They purchased hundreds of chimps from all over the world, and some came down with Ebola. Chimps were bleeding and dying right and left.
The kick in the face is that even after they isolated the effected animals, others still came down with it in the facility. They then knew it was freakin airborne!

I bet the owners were sh*tting their pants three ways to Sunday, and in multiple colors, before it all ended.

The affliction of Ebola effected only monkeys/chimps-it was not passed on to humans.

If that didn't happen, the property values of your home in Baltimore and mine further south might have plummeted...

Well, I feel safer already.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The facility's going to be run by the DHS?! Jesus. They couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery.
Suddenly 3,000 klicks west and 1,000 north doesn't feel far enough.

- kermujin

3:04 PM  

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