Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bloggone... Where the Hell is Professor Pan?

Ai yi yi...

No, I haven't been kidnapped by agents of the PTB. I'm not locked in a cell beneath Langley with my eyeballs propped open while being forced to watch American Idol 24/7 with electrodes attached to my dirty bits, nor am I en route to a black-op rendition prison in an undisclosed Eastern Europrean country.

It's much simpler than that.

I've been putting the finishing touches on my novel, Cabal. And beginning the lengthy, laborious, toner-cartridge consuming hunt for a hot, go-go literary agent to represent the book.

So my apologies, once again, for letting the blog get so dusty and cobweb-strewn.

I promise more insightful nuggets of parapolitical goodness soon. And once the novel is published, I can promise all my faithful readers that you will enjoy seeing some of the themes chronicled on this blog wrapped in a very scary, very dark story. But you wouldn't expect anything else, would you?

Of course, if you're a regular here and a hot, up-and-coming literary agent, please do drop me a line, will you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go, dude.

12:30 PM  

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