Friday, February 17, 2006

Sex Rituals of Abu Ghraib

I touched a nerve when I published Sex, Drugs, Mind Control and Gitmo in July of 2005. More than anything else I've written in recent years, it was circulated and republished widely. In that article, I suggested that the goings-on at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo were not just examples of bored, unsupervised soldiers gone wild, but were part of a cleverly orchestrated, historically documented program of sexual/ritualistic mind control.

Time has only added more evidence that I was correct.

From Salon's exclusive:

"A review of all the computer media submitted to this office revealed a total of 1,325 images of suspected detainee abuse, 93 video files of suspected detainee abuse, 660 images of adult pornography, 546 images of suspected dead Iraqi detainees, 29 images of soldiers in simulated sexual acts, 20 images of a soldier with a Swastika drawn between his eyes, 37 images of Military Working dogs being used in abuse of detainees and 125 images of questionable acts."


The DVD also includes photographs of guards threatening Iraqi prisoners with dogs, homemade videotapes depicting hooded prisoners being forced to masturbate, and a video showing a mentally disturbed prisoner smashing his head against a door. Oddly, the material also includes numerous photographs of slaughtered animals and mundane images of soldiers traveling around Iraq.

Salon claims that this batch "may represent all of the photographic and video evidence that pertains to that investigation."

I suspect a limited hangout.

We have yet to see the photos and videotapes of children being raped and tortured. And we probably never will. That might be a little too much for a war-weary public to handle. And if you think the rioting over anti-Muslim cartoons was a big deal...

Let's look at the elements and try to ascertain the bigger picture behind the reprehensible images.

Rape. Torture. Circles of candles. Swastikas. Sexual activity among the torturers themselves, often in front of the detainees. Creation of cognitive dissonance to fracture the minds of the victims. Mutilated animals.

This is not the picture of a program designed to elicit actionable information. It is a program to shatter minds, perhaps to rebuild them as a new generation of assassins.

And it's right out of a dark occultist's playbook.

But why? Why torture mostly innocent people and turn them into deranged killers?

Because we need a constant flow of new enemies in order to justify an eternal war and permanent occupation.

In a country in such startling disarray, these [permanent] bases, with some of the most expensive and advanced communications systems on the planet, are like vast spaceships that have landed from another solar system. Representing a staggering investment of resources, effort and geostrategic dreaming, they are the unlikeliest places for the Bush administration to hand over willingly to even the friendliest of Iraqi governments.


The base is sizeable enough to have its own "neighborhoods" including "KBR-land" (in honor of the Halliburton subsidiary that has done most of the base-construction work in Iraq); "CJSOTF" ("home to a special operations unit", the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force, surrounded by "especially high walls", and so secretive that even the base army public affairs chief has never been inside); and a junkyard for bombed out army Humvees. There is as well a Subway, a Pizza Hut, a Popeye's, "an ersatz Starbucks", a 24-hour Burger King, two post exchanges where TVs, iPods and the like can be purchased, four mess halls, a hospital, a strictly enforced on-base speed limit of 10mph [miles per hour], a huge airstrip, 250 aircraft (helicopters and predator drones included), air-traffic pile-ups of a sort you would see over Chicago's O'Hare airport, and "a miniature golf course, which mimics a battlefield with its baby sandbags, little Jersey barriers, strands of concertina wire and, down at the end of the course, what appears to be a tiny detainee cage".

Ricks reports that the 20,000 troops stationed at Balad live in "air-conditioned containers" which will, in the future - and yes, for those building these bases, there still is a future - be wired "to bring the troops Internet, cable television and overseas telephone access". He points out as well that, of the troops at Balad, "only several hundred have jobs that take them off base. Most Americans posted here never interact with an Iraqi."

For those who have eyes to see, the intentions of the Bush Cabal have always been crystal clear.

For more on the subject, see the Sex, Drugs, Mind Control and Torture index.


Blogger AJ said...

Holy shit Prof.

I think we are thinking on the same plane. Exactly what I have come to believe; why give up those young physically fit people when no one knows where they are, if they are still alive, and will be 'relieved' when they are finally "released".
Who the hell needs to read Stephen King anymore?

11:25 AM  
Anonymous mondo said...

Great work on this subject.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Really like how you analized this..
I've never actually thought about it that much, and I'm glad I read your post..
Can I post it on my facebook account ? I will announce you as the writer and add the link to your page. I just want many people to read this.

2:14 AM  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

Sure -- post, link, forward away. Glad you found it interesting.

11:39 AM  

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