Monday, January 23, 2006

Hosanna Church Coverup Continues

While I'm sorting out the information I've been receiving from locals, and waiting for the trials to begin, I am getting a picture of the tiny Louisiana community that seems like something ripped from a David Lynch film.

For instance, this recent anonymous comment (which echoes what several other sources have told me):

There are individuals from the Prosecutor's office, several in position within the local court system, obviously in the Sheriff's Dept but also in most of the other local departments including the FBI in New Orleans who are connected with this issue. Fact is, it is generally known and kept under "covers" that if anyone is/was born & raised in this area of Louisianna that - that person as well was abused sexually by several family members, family friends, etc... including same sex, and as well abused others within their reach - siblings, neighbor kids, cousins. It is simply known and accepted as acceptable. NO ONE IN THIS AREA WANTS ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS CASE TO GET OUT BECAUSE EVERY LAST PERSON INVOLVED IN INVESTIGATING, IF FROM THIS AREA, IS EQUALLY GUILTY AND MOST PROBABLY HAS HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND POSSIBLY CONNECTIONS WITH THIS VERY CASE THEMSELVES. WHETHER HELPING COVER UP AND KEEP THEIR "LOVERS" SAFE FROM HARM OR SIMPLY COVERING THEIR OWN BACK SIDES.

Why aren't the bigger networks, reporting agencies, etc....biting at this - I just don't get it - do they get shut down or do they not see the bigger picture?

Very good questions. If there is even the slightest bit of truth to these assertions, this case may be a bona fide instance of multi-generational ritual and sexual cult activity -- something considered by the mainstream to be the paranoid delusions of vehment fundamentalists and witch-hunting social workers.

While it is certainly true that "satanic panic" exists, and that many people have had their lives desroyed by baseless witch hunts and false allegations, it only takes one case to prove that it's not all a myth. As Karl Popper stated, it only takes one white crow to prove that all crows are not black...

See the index for more coverage of this case.


Blogger AJ said...

Hey Professor,

Good to see you're posting more info on this again.
So, now the possibility exists that others in the area were involved? Obviously not the cops that arrested the initial perp. So what gives?
Think there are higher perps out there?

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG are we going to suddenly make this into a huge coverup story now? Sorry I don't think this is the area for the Conspiracy theory nuts to get out.

5:19 AM  

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