Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The U.S. Terrorist Factory

From a Raw Story article about the 13,000-plus Iraqi prisoners the U.S. is holding:

This information supports what sources close to the Defense Department have previously expressed concern about to RAW STORY, namely that detainees held and tortured and then released essentially become the enemy army. According to these sources, who declined to go on the record by name, hundreds of detainees are released each month, having been detained for periods of six to twelve months, during which they are subjected to torture or other abuse.

As I noted in Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and GITMO:

But what is the aim at Guantanamo? To extract information, as the Pentagon would have us believe? Or is it to further refine methods for breaking down minds and creating dissociation in order to craft more effective assassins? When these prisoners are released -- as many of them ultimately will be -- will they be cutting edge tools of their Spook masters, unleashed to create more programmed chaos and manufactured "terrorism?" Will their names turn up as future hijackers, suicide bombers, and political assassins?

Two possibilities:

1. The Bush Cult, against all evidence, believes that torture is a valuable method for gaining actionable intelligence. The administration and its allies aren't aware that U.S.-sponsored torture is turning the entire Arab and Islamic world into a terrorist breeding ground.

2. The torture is a cleverly crafted policy designed to destabilize the fledgling Iraqi government (creating more enemies to fight), prolong the war (increasing profits for the corporate/military/industrial complex), and fuel the perpetual "our god is bigger than your god" quest for hegemony in the Middle East.

Take your pick.


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