Saturday, October 22, 2005

More Sex and Torture revelations

Mr Al Dossary claims that in September 2002, he was taken to an interrogation room at close to midnight on a Saturday.

'There was a female interrogator and four MPs (military police) in the interrogation room. One of the MPs had a video camera," say the notes.

"The female interrogator told Mr Al Dossary it was his last chance to confess to being a terrorist and a member of Al Qaeda and of having been involved in the 9/11 attacks.

"She told Mr Al Dossary that nobody was around because it was a Saturday night and that he would see something that he had never seen before."

Mr Al Dossary was allegedly handcuffed and shackled by his hands and feet to the floor, after his arms were yanked violently above his head.

"The female interrogator then signalled to another guard to cut off Mr Al Dossary's clothes with scissors," say the notes.

"Mr Al Dossary tried to resist, but the MPs simply pulled the shackle on his handcuffs even harder. Eventually, the MPs removed all of Mr Al Dossary's clothing."

The female interrogator allegedly then stripped naked, while standing over Mr Al Dossary.

She then allegedly smeared her menstrual blood over various parts of his body.

And again we see the same bizarre, sexual tactics:

In another incident, in mid-2003, Mr Al Dossary was allegedly taken into an interrogation room, from which he could see a naked man and woman having sex on a table in an adjoining room.

Once they had finished, the man and woman got dressed and entered the interrogation room.

The man showed Mr Al Dossary pictures of men in traditional Arab dress and asked him to identify them, promising him he could have sex with the woman if he co-operated.

Mr Al Dossary refused and after half an hour, the man and woman left.

Okay, a couple of important points.

The sexual elements of prisoner torture have been widespread at both Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and are very likely to be occurring at other locations where the U.S. is holding detainees.

The sexual torture tactics have not emerged spontaneously -- they are elements of a coordinated, enforced policy. The policy was developed by U.S. military intelligence, as I have detailed in the reference articles listed below, with assistance from mental health professionals (Behavioral Science Consultation Teams -- BSCTs or "biscuits").

Another thing to ponder: U.S. intelligence agents and soldiers are being instructed to fuck each other in front of prisoners. Female agents or soldiers are being ordered to smear their menstrual blood on detainees.

As I've detailed in my article "Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo," this program is not designed to get information from detainees, although in some cases it may have that side effect. The chance of a frightened, humiliated, religious Muslim man saying "yes" to the offer of sex with a U.S. soldier is nil. The "live sex show" is not designed to tempt the prisoner -- it's designed to degrade and terrify him. The sexual tactics are used to break the minds of the prisoners -- to cause irreperable psychic damage.

And those damaged human beings are the future terrorists -- the violent, hate-filled enemy combatants required for the Bush Cult to continue its God-mandated "eternal" war.


Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo

One Victim's Story of Torture


Anonymous rocco said...

It's amazing to me that millionaire columnists for the NY Times and the Post, etc., can write 5000 words every article and yet say nothing. Yourself, Cyte, Xymph, Jeff, and Skunk have a great gift of saying much with little words. Excellent point and well written.

8:52 AM  
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Anonymous Bob said...

Nazis were hanged for much less offending tortures.

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