Thursday, October 20, 2005

One Victim's Story of Torture

Have U.S. and British intelligence agents been watching too much BDSM porn? Or is the use of sexual elements key to the methodology of torture?

Since I raised this issue a few months ago, I've seen only more and more confirmation that sexual abuse is the key element of the U.S. and British torture program.


On each stage of his journey, as he descended further and further into the gulags and torture chambers of the war on terror, Benyam Mohammed al-Habashi was shadowed by British intelligence. The British were there in Karachi when Americans interrogated him and Pakistanis tortured him; they were feeding questions to the Moroccan torturers who took a scalpel to his penis; they stood back and watched as he was dragged to an American torture chamber in Afghanistan and then to the gulag of Guantanamo, where he languishes to this day....

Al-Habashi was then confronted with the Moroccan torture team. With a macabre flourish, some even wore bondage-type masks to give the torment an added mediaeval flavour...

One guard told him how the torture would happen, saying: “They’ll come in wearing masks and beat you up. They’ll beat you with sticks. They’ll rape you first, then they’ll take a glass bottle, they break the top off and they make you sit on it.”

During his next torture session he was tied up again. His clothes were cut off with a scalpel and he was left naked in front of his captors. His torturer-in-chief told one of the guards: “Show him who’s a man.” The interrogator then began to slice his own chest with the scalpel.

The other forms of torture he was subjected to included prolonged sleep deprivation; being drugged; forced to listen to music by Meatloaf and Aerosmith non-stop; being made to watch pornographic films; having naked women paraded in front of him.

He was transferred after about four months to the US prison at Bagram air base in Afghanistan. While the prisoners showered, GIs talked about which of them “was worth penetrating.”

But the crucial element of the article is this:

He once asked a guard why they were doing this to him and was told: “It’s just to degrade you, so when you leave here you’ll have these scars and you’ll never forget. So you’ll always fear doing anything but what the U.S. wants.”

I suggest it's exactly the opposite. The logic is absurd -- torturing people, especially innocent people, does not make them afraid to go against their torturers. What the U.S. wants --and what they're creating -- is more terrorists.


Anonymous mondo said...

Great work Professor. Can I ask if you have the link to the article you reference in italics? I'd appreciate it. I'm in the midst of converting one of the millions of brainwashed sheeple.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

Here's the link:

Thanks for your comments.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there

I don't think it's strange that our soldiers are using sexual humiliation as an important element in torture.

Sadism is a force in the sexual fantasies of most men. These soldiers only has a chance to live out these urges.

comments are welcomed at:

I myself would love to subject either an american soldier or a suspected arab terrorist to a full torture session.

I would not discriminate, both the Arab and the American treasure their penis above all else. It has given them pleasure since boyhood and the sancuty and size of his sexual organ is directly connected to his male ego and sex drive.

When I force him to masturbate, I humiliate him. ..and when I connect the electrodes from the electric shock generator to the base and the tip of his penis, I crush his self-esteem.

Soldiers who participate in torture, all say that torturing another man made them feel more masculine, self-assure and sexual dominant towards women. In short, it made them men!

I don't see, why our soldiers should be denied this experience. Surely, an american soldier, captured by the Iraqi restistance would be subjected to lenghty torture sessions, conducted by Saddam's former interrogation experts.

Sexual torture of political prisoners reached a new sophistication during the Saddam regime. One such method was to require a prisoner to participate in the torture of those friends, that he has named. (under torture) One method was to force him to manually crush his friend's balls with his bare hands.

Such behaviour is not limited to our soldiers or the Iraqies. During the recent conflict in Bosnia, soldiers on both sides engaged with pleasure, in the brutal beating of their captured enemies. Most common beating: the victim was tossed to the ground, and his legs were forced wide apart, while they held his arm and upper torso, down to the ground. The fly in the victims armypants were unzipped, and his genitalia was pulled out and tightly bound with a leather strap, so not to escape back between his legs. In this exposed position he was ridiculed and mocked, while the soldiers took turns, beating his balls and cock with rubber batons.

In most countries, soldiers are told that the use of torture in interrogation is natural and just, especially in wartime. They are encouraged to explore their sadism, instead of feeling shame, like our soldiers are supposed to do.

In Turkey, men will openly debate the methods of torture, and how they are best applied to cause the victim to feel like his manhood has been pulled, twisted and crushed by the torturers. So widely accepted are sadistic male sexual fantasies, that classes in torture is thaught at the Turkish military acadamy. The soldiers are shown how to apply electric shocks to the testicles of a young man, convicted of stealing cars. They then take turns, torturing the poor thief. Cruelty is encouraged and rewarded.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an imagination you have! Anti- American creeps like you need to go live in the countries you seem to like to defend. Go on... leave this great nation. You will soon come running home with your tails between your legs and kiss the ground you are standing on. Though it is not perfect... it is the best! Pan is the brainwasher and you sick anti-social creeps buy into this crap!

5:45 PM  

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