Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Convicted US soldier speaks of worse abuse at Abu Ghraib

Lynndie England speaks of "worse things" happening at Abu Ghraib.

From the article:

England, appearing on NBC's "Dateline" program, said the pictures did not convey the full extent of the abuse that took place in the cell block.

"I know worse things were happening over there," admitted the 22-year-old convict.

She said one night she heard blood-curdling screams coming from the block's shower room, where non-military interrogators had taken an Arab detainee.

"They had the shower on to muffle it, but it wasn't helping," she recalled. "They never screamed like that when we were humiliating. But this guy was like screaming bloody murder. I mean it still haunts me I can still hear it just like it happened yesterday."

The interrogators were not identified, but several investigations into the abuse have disclosed that Central Intelligence Agency operatives worked at Abu Ghraib alongside US military intelligence, mining for useful information.

Maybe she's talking about this, or perhaps this?

Then again, maybe she meant this.

Poor Lynndie the scapegoat.


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