Friday, July 22, 2005

Hosanna Coverup Part 4 (update)

I have received assurances from someone within the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Department that the detectives and police officers are sticking to their stories -- that some of the alleged perpetrators did confess to ritualized abuse and that the evidence backing up those allegations was handed over to the DA's office.

According to the District Attorney, however, the Sheriff's department is made up of liars and fabricators. Multiple confessions, witness corroboration, and abundant physical evidence -- none of it is true. Or, if any of it is true, it "isn't relevant" (Scott Perrilloux, District Attorney, The Daily Star, 6/30/2005).

I have one question for you fair-minded, skeptical readers to consider:

Which is harder to believe -- that an organized pedophile ring participated in ritualized occult behavior, or that an entire police department is full of liars and hoaxers?

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Blogger haeresis said...

Given that this takes place in Louisiana, where police arrested, stripped, and shaved my brother's head for "abusing a musical instrument" (ie, being a hippy on the street), I'd go with the latter. A redneck sheriff's department that lies, confuses evidence and acts like a bunch of nutcases? They're all over La. "Sheririfs" are usually a different aniumal from "police department" anyhow. Even here (California), they swagger and spit tobacco.

5:36 AM  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

I'm certainly open to that angle, infinitysnake. One piece of evidence that points in that direction is the likelihood that Detective Mike DePhillips is the same person as "Brother" Mike DePhillips, president of "Altar Call Ministries."


Could a Sheriff's department intent on fighting battles for The Lord portray a small-time pedophile ring as a Satanic cult, manufacturing confessions and evidence? Of course. And I won't rule it out.

But even the DA is pursuing this as a criminal conspiracy, and the non-occult evidence -- journals, confessions, child porn on the deputy's computer -- is not being challenged.

So I weigh all possibilities. At this point, I smell something fishy in the way the occult elements have been scrubbed clean.

8:10 PM  

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