Thursday, November 04, 2004

Welcome to Jesusland

It's official -- we live in a theocracy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let’s vote on a new name :-)

Canadian States of America
United Provences of Canada
Non-Theocratic Canadian Union

As for the other half:

Neo-Republic of Jesus
Christian States of Armagedon
Jesus Zombies of Amerika

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Theocratic States of Christianistan.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout the "United States of Bigoted Assholes Who Call Anybody Who Doesn't Agree With Them(Which Would Be Most of The Country) Ignorant and Uneducated and Are Really Really Upset When the Rest of The Country Tells them To Go Fuck Themselves on Election Day"? And no, I'm not a Republican, and I hate Bush with a passion. But I live in one of those "red states" and you Lefty McShitheads spent this whole damn election(hell, the last 30 goddamn YEARS for that matter) pointing out just how ignorant and stupid you think EVERYBODY here is. You apparently view us as nothing more than one vast trailer park. You hate them hillbillies and trailer trash, huh? Maybe you should try talking TO them, instead of talking down to them. Go ahead and secede. See how long it takes you all to starve to death, since Canada won't have you and we produce most of the country's food down here. Fucking latte-sippin' lefty assholes.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latte-sipping? I thought Dubya's erudite definition was "brie-sipping"?

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Latte-sipping? I thought Dubya's erudite definition was 'brie-sipping'?"

I just love the implication that, because I dared to express my anger about how the left would rather preach to the choir and pretend it's ever so much more enlightened and urbane than the rest of the country, that I must've voted for Bush. This shows that you either didn't read my posts, or have absolutely no reading-comprehension skills.

Just for the record I am not a Republican. I am a libertarian-leaning bisexual atheist, and I believe that Emperor Dipshit's Iraqi adventure was a colossal mistake. But I also live in Louisiana, and while it definitely has its problems, it isn't nearly the intolerant homo-hatin', bible-thumpin', Jesus-land you people make it out to be. I don't agree with most of the people that live in my area, but unlike you assholes, I see them as human beings, and(this might come as a shock to you), not all of them go to church every Sunday, live in trailer parks, or fuck their cousins. Also, you people want to console yourselves with the fantasy that Kerry lost the election on "moral values". Guess what? That had fuck all to do with it, and you know it. Kerry was the worst possible candidate the Democratic Party could possibly have nominated, and the entire Kerry campaign was not about any sort of real ideas, but can be best summed up with the rather stupid slogan "Anybody but Bush". Kerry had no ideas and no clear positions on anything. "I'm for the war, no I'm against the war, no wait, I'm for the war" blah blah blah blah, all campaign long. That's why Dubya's back in the White House. So instead of you lefties calling an entire region of the country idiots(as 98% of you have been doing RELENTLESSLY), perhaps you might want to try, ya know, TALKING TO THEM, framing the issues in a way that they might understand. But then again, that wouldn't make ya'll feel superior. And feeling superior is so much more important than trying to do something to effect change.

To the right AND the left: fuck you all. Thanks for making this country a shithole and a laughingstock.

1:59 AM  
Blogger Hypatia Swan said...

I lived in the south for 30 years. It is fucking jesusland and the people *are* ignorant - mostly because they have never been out of their own incestutuous little trailer parks. They don't read and can't handle sentences longer than the sound bites that the shrub based his campaign on, "It's hard work.. It's hard work...Sanctity of killers..." Blah blah blah.... "Libs will ban the bible...henny penny the sky is falling..."

Sound bites. The depth of the Shrub's mind.

Red state dumb shits have the highest divorce rate in the nation, they are more apt to beat their kids in school while giving them mis-information on birth control and sex and force feeding them "creation science" and THEY SUCK AWAY MOST OF THE FEDERAL FUNDING WHILE CONTRIBUTING LEAST TO THE FEDERAL BUDGET.

Sorry, I'm done with smiling and nodding and tolerating red state ignorance. I'm smarter than most of them and I read more and I don't need a fucking crucifix to hang around my neck in order to keep away the terrorists.

Let them have their 4 more years. And let them all fucking die for lack of health care and let them have a fucking statue of JEEEZUSS on every fucking corner. Let them wonder why they can't get make ends meet on abysmal minimum wages and let them develop mercury poisoning when they find out a chemical company has been dumping waste into the stream behind their trailers. Let their women get pregnant and have so many fucking kids that they fight over the one last sweet potato. Let them have prayer in their schools and let them completely leave out teaching of evolution because yaknow...they aren't very evolved anyway.

And then let them die from fucking ovarian cancer and prostate cancer in blissful agony since things will be better in the kingdom of JEEZUSS.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red state ignorance? You have shown more hatred and intolerance and rank bigotry by your stupid comments than a room full of Fred Phelps' put together. "I'm smarter, I'm more evolved, I'm more tolerant", yet you just wished death on people you don't agree with. Nice, asshole.

Just for once, I want one of you people to stop looking at that stupid red state vs. blue state map, and look at the actual numbers in the election. Bush did not win the South and the Midwest by a landslide as you would like to believe. In most so-called "red states", Kerry averaged 40% of the vote. He did better in the red states this time around than Al Gore did. The only reason Bush won this time around is because the Democrats ran a piss-poor candidate. All it takes for a state to turn "red" is for the Republican candidate to get 51% of the vote. And in some states, that's exactly what happened. And your Messiah Kerry didn't exactly win any blue states by a landslide either, from what I understand.

And now on to gay marriage, which you all think cost Kerry the election, which is a distortion of the facts. You do realize, that in some states Bush barely squeaked by, but 90 something percent of voters voted AGAINST gay marriage. Do the math. Apparently, a whole lot of Kerry voters voted against that as well.

And just so you know, I have traveled and lived outside of the south. I have spent time in the North, the promised land where supposedly there's complete and total racial harmony and everyone is erudite and literate, and ya know what? That's a crock of shit. I've met just as many backwards, ignorant assholes in Pennsylvania and New York state as there are here. So take your smug sense of superiority and shove it up your ass. I know better.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, you don't have your facts straight. Nowhere did "90 percent" or something of people vote out gay marriage. The mean was probably about 70% but the highest numbers were in the 80 percents.

Even gay marriage aside, there are still a lot of yay hoos out there and most of them reside in the south, or in rural, bible thumping areas. It's less a division between blue and red states than it is a division along urbanization lines. The more cultured, more diverse, more educated greater-metro dwellers versus .. toothless, isolated rednecks who believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. If you voted for bush, you're either rich or uneducated.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I do know quite a few "educated" people who voted for Bush, though fuck knows why. I also know a few morons whose only reason for voting for Kerry was "Bsuh is HITLAR!!!!!!!1111" Neither the left or the right has a monopoly on stupidity. There's extremists on all sides of a debate.

Look, I lean to the left on most things, but it is not going to do liberals or the Democratic Party any good to call anybody who doesn't agree with them a moron. Kerry's whole campaign seemed to be "I'll give you a healthcare plan, you ignorant, uneducated homophobic morons!!" And all this "Jesusland", nonsense is making Karl Rove smile. Plus has it every occurred to any Kerry supporter that some of those votes for Bush were actually just a way of giving the "we are oh so much smarter and superior than you are, so let us tell you how to think" types on the left(and they are LEGION, whether you'll admit it or not) the finger? Nobody likes to be called stupid. And a lot of us find it very fucking offensive to be called a moron just based on where we're from. As I said, the blue states aren't quite the heaven blue staters seem to think they are, nor is the south nearly the backwards hellhole so many blue staters think it is. Both are equally fucked up in their own way.

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: The Guy who is whining re: "lefty" red state bashing: You know what they say, if the trailer park fits, go sleep with your sister in it.

5:00 PM  

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