Friday, October 15, 2004

Sinclair Protest - Weds., Oct. 20, 2004

Stop Sinclair Broadcasting's Misuse of the Public Airwaves!
Boycott Unfair and Unbalanced News!

*UPDATE: It appears that FOX 45 will not be airing the program, but WB 54 (headquartered at the same location) will be airing it. This does not affect Wednesday's action.

Wednesday, October 20th
2000 W. 41st Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

On Thursday, October 21st, Baltimore's WB 54, under orders from its corporate owner, Sinclair Broadcasting, will air the anti-Kerry documentary "Stolen Honor" in a blatant attempt to influence the upcoming election. Former Federal Communications chairman Reed Hunt has compared the directive from Sinclair as "ordering stations to carry propaganda.... absolutely off the charts."

Six months ago, when Sinclair banned its ABC affiliates from showing a special edition of Nightline, in which Ted Koppel read the names of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, Senator John McCain called the move "a very misguided attempt to prevent your viewers from completely appreciating the extraordinary sacrifices made on their behalf by Americans serving in Iraq." How did Sinclair reply? By slandering McCain, saying "It's been 25 years since [McCain's] worn a military uniform."

And why did they refuse to air the Nightline episode? "We find it to be contrary to the public interest," said Sinclair's general counsel. "We do not believe political statements should be disguised as news content."

Let's hold them to their word!


Blogger D. C. Russell said...

You have it all wrong--thank Sinclair; protest the bias shown by Viacom/CBS!

I applaud Sinclair's courage in airing information that is being suppressed by other media outlets.

Many former prisoners of war feel besmirched by Kerry's earlier attacks on his fellow servicement. The so-called mainstrean media has dismissed and ignored their point of view. Since most of the media are covering up Kerry's record, it's good to see that someone is offering these veterans a forum and reporting on the issues they raise.

If there is nothing to their charges, why is the Kerry campaign refusing Sinclair's offer of a
chance to respond? What are you and the Kerry people afraid of--truth?

Did you protest when Viacom/CBS ordered their company owned stations and affiliates to broadcast lies based on forged documents? Why not?

How is Sinclair's decision to not carry the names of the war dead any different from the refusal of Disney/ABC and Viacom/CBS to report on Kerry's attacks on his fellow veterans and the resulting harm to our loyal prisoners of war.

You certainly have a Rather hypocritical double standard about misuse of the airwaves.

Diane C. Russell

7:54 PM  

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