Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jeff Rense is a Nazi Scumbag, pt. 5

"While the other two Middle Eastern faiths ...elevate the virtues of humility, charity and righteousness, Judaism legislates haughtiness, supremacism and callous disregard for other human beings...Gentiles exist to serve the Jews. Rape of gentile children, murder, lying, theft, usury, things condemned in every other religion are given full sanction in Judaism when it benefits the tribe"

"Does anyone in the room remember the Crucifixion of Jesus? Judaism's involvement in WWI and WWII? Bolshevism? The destruction of the moral, political and economic fiber of every country in the West? Hundreds of millions of dead children through abortion? The destruction of families and the elevation of sexual deviancy as a virtue?"

"And of course, last but certainly not least, the war to end all wars that is taking place in the Middle East and which bears the fingerprints of the Pharisees all over it."

"... If indeed Christianity sprang forth from Judaism, why then does Judaism maintain that Jesus was a sorcerer and a sexual deviant who suffers in hell by being boiled in a cauldron of semen and feces for daring to oppose the Rabbis and that His holy mother Miriam was a 'harlot who mated with carpenters' ?"

"...It is all another ruse to get Christians to fight Judaism's wars on the pretext that somehow [Jews and Christians] share something in common when in truth they do not..."

"Judaism is nobody's friend, and the sooner that the rest of us Jew and non-Jew alike come to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut it out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of 'peaceful co-existence' with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Christian, and I find that what you are saying is a load of crap. Number one, the mother of Jesus was not Miriam, it was Mary. That means whatever source you are using is wrong. Number two, the Jews are God's Chosen People. They were called the chosen before Christ died on the cross and, after his death and resurrection, now that gift is available to all. They are still God's people. Number three, I believe that the only reason most of the world has not been destroyed is because of its support for Israel and the Jewish belief. Look at every country that opposed or opposes the Jews. How many are not in ruin? None! So before you continue preaching this load of garbage about how Jews are a cancer, maybe you need to look at the real cancer in this situation; your belief. That belief of yours is the reason so many people die and go to Hell everyday. Someday, you will join them if you don't change. I will pray for your salvation, but the choice is yours in the end. God loves everyone, even backstabbers like you.

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