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Incident at O'Hare

This incident, a multiple-witness, daylight UFO sighting at O'Hare airport, may be the most important UFO story in many years, and is getting the type of serious mainstream coverage one rarely sees.

Thanks to Jeff Wells for finding this supplementary tidbit:

Here's a first-hand witness report posted on the "Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing" board of Democratic Underground on November 8, nearly two months before the story broke:

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UFO sighting at O'hare International

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I just finished reading "Voices of the Universe" by Suzanne Ward earlier this week and know many people are fans, so I thought this may be an appropriate place to post this message:

I'm an employee for a major airline at ORD and received a radio call from an employee concerning a flying object around his gate. I JUST finished reading Ward's book, so am really interested in such things. Anyway, I ran outside to see a dark metallic oval shaped disk hovering over the gate. I pointed it out to a colleague who agreed he hadn't seen anything like it before. I confirmed the sighting to our operations center and after about a minute, it zipped to the east and disappeared.

I drove over to the gate and the employees stated the object was rotating and looked like a metallic frisbee about 500-1000 feet directly above them. To make this even more interesting, nobody really looks directly up in our dangerous environment, but the employee said he felt compelled to look up for some unknown reason. The ceiling at the time was OVC 1900 ft. Our operations center was contacted and the pilots of the aircraft at the gate were notified and they too witnessed the object by opening the front windows and looking for themselves. 10-15 people witnessed this UFO and of all people, airline employees know what an airplane or helicopter looks like!

The FAA was contacted and there were no radar blips. A few of our employees were upset about this sighting, but were not afraid. They just had trouble accepting what they just saw and exactly what it means.

What do you think these displays are for? Why over the world's busiest airport in daylight of all places? Your thoughts?

All very good questions. I have to wonder if the brazen "look at me!" quality of this sighting portends a new UFO flap. In this era of ubiquitous cell phone cameras and YouTube, any new flap would be hard to ignore.

Keep watching the skies.


National UFO Reporting Center's (NUFORC) eyewitness account



Anonymous LadyJane said...

Some areas in Latin and South America have been having such blatant daytime displays for a few years now, including the veritable fleets of disc-shaped craft over Mexico City. But despite the apparently fairly new "cloaking" technology (now resulting in many UFOs appearing only on digital recordings, not visually in vivo) there have been many more multiple-witness urban sightings.

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