Wednesday, August 03, 2005

On Discernment

If I get one more email about Bush, Blair, and the entire neocon cabal being under indictment I am going to fucking puke. You've probably seen it linked somewhere -- on a blog, an email list, or discussion board. A loose confederation of pablum-pushers currently headquartered under the Cloak & Dagger moniker -- Sherman "The Queen Did It" Skolnick, Tom "Viva La France" Heneghen, and others in the COD (Conspiracy of Dunces) cabal (Lenny Bloom, Tom Flocco) -- are claiming that Special Prosecutor Fitzgeral has indicted Blair, Bush, Condi, Karl, and the rest of the affair-de-Plame criminals. Oh yes, and war has broken out between France and Great Britain.

And I'm Captain Crunch.

The enemy of deep political analysis is not the servile mainstream media, or Machiavellian Murdochs, but the shallow gullibility of too many conspiracy theorists who eagerly gobble up parapolitical poop because they (like their patron saint Fox Mulder) want to believe.

I forced myself to listen to the radio broadcast in which the COD drop the steaming pile of horseshit. At one point, Skolnick's phone (or maybe Heneghen's -- they're both shrill and annoying) cuts out, and he laughs knowingly -- clearly, he's being targeted by some kind of NSA phone zapper, operated by one of the many secret agents surrounding his house 24/7, so that his amazing revelations won't reach his audience. A few minutes later, he says he's on his cell phone and doesn't want to wake up anyone in his home. You know -- cell phones. Those ever-so-reliable pieces of communication technology.

I'm not kidding.

They're nuts, folks. Take your bullshit detectors back to Radio Shack and get an upgrade.


Blogger RDR said...


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Anonymous jp said...

damn straight. that silliness makes me wanna puke.

12:02 PM  
Blogger tim boucher said...

as JP said recently, i'm also tired of every time the rigorous intuition forum goes offline that everybody assumes it's a CIA crackdown. like, come on. if we presented any kind of remote threat, we would have all been hauled off so fucking long ago. the simple fact is that most of these weird theories and shenanigans actually feed into and support the games of control

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