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Gulf War Redux

One of my memetic dispatches from 1998, which just goes to show the Cabal has been up to the same tricks for a long time. Worth perusing, if only to feel the paranoiac deja vu so common to deep politics veterans.


Memetic Dispatch Early 1998

"Language is a virus from outer space"
--William S. Burroughs


Gulf War Redux
Or: Here We Go Around the George Herbert Walker Bush Again

The Professor was recently disturbed to hear that his arch-nemesis George Herbert Walker Bush (aka Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog) was awarded the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award. Albert Schweitzer and George Bush--how often do you encounter those two in the same context? The award was presented at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Professor was there to give George some grief, along with some other veteran activists from the Baltimore area. The local media were noticeably absent, having gathered en masse to cover the Baltimore Orioles game several miles away. News is news, after all, the Professor supposes.

Yes, a humanitarian award was awarded to the man who ran the humanitarian CIA under the great humanitarian Ronald Reagan before becoming president and adding the humanitarian Contra war, the humanitarian massacre in Panama and of course the humanitarian Gulf Slaughter to his humanitarian record, not to mention winking at the humanitarian importation of humanitarian cocaine into the U.S. whilst fighting the humanitarian War on Drugs.

Yes, the preppy Skull and Bones Bushmeister is right near the top of the Professor's list of humanitarians, just below Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf and a notch above that chick who lobbied for an end to landmine use. God bless him and his efforts to cleanse the world of Iraqi civilians in the name of liberating "democratic" Kuwait! Let's all chant together--USA! USA! USA!

All sarcasm aside, it does suddenly feel like we've time-warped our way back to the early 1990s, what with all this Saddam-Iraqi bullshit unfolding again on our TV screens. There's a noticeable whiff of fascism in the air, but this time it's tempered with a been-there-done-that sense of ennui from the general populace. These days it's the old WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION boogeyman that is trotted out to rouse the slumbering citizenry to alarm. Defense Secretary William Cohen says:

"....The U.N. believes that Saddam may have produced as much as 200 tons of VX. And this would of course be theoretically enough to kill every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth."

Good Lord! It's just like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery! No matter that UNSCOM (The United Nations Special Commission on Iraq) has found *zero* evidence that Iraq actually possesses the stuff....because we know they *want* to kill us all, right? And isn't that enough to kill all of them?

Pardon his cynicism, but the Professor wonders how anyone can believe anything that the Pentagon via CNN/NBC/MSNBC/BBC/CBS/ABC says anymore regarding Saddam and Iraq, especially after the Hill and Knowlton (Washington PR. firm) fabrication about babies being yanked out of incubators and left to die ( and the sickening way the "free" press kow-towed to the Pentagon and essentially became a toothless lapdog sucking at the approved Pentagon news teats (see links below).

Saddam Hussein is no frigging Mother Teresa. He gassed his own countrymen, lobbed a SCUD at Israel and rules like a despotic pig. But--for Christ's sake--hold him next to Bush and there's not a lot of difference between the two in numbers of people they've put in the ground and the terror they've caused worldwide. It's not like our post-slaughter economic sanctions against Iraq haven't been killing plenty of civilians--in particular the children, who don't give a horse's ass about politics or oil but are always the hardest hit by that vile form of "economic" warfare.

And which countries have the most WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, dear friends? Might you be sitting in a country this very moment that has enough stockpiled nuclear death to kill us all hundreds of times over? Or perhaps you're worried about those suitcase nukes that mysteriously disappeared from the Russian military? What are you, un-American? Get with the fucking PROGRAM!

During the Gulf Slaughter the Professor watched at first with amusement, then despair, then total fear as the people of this country became bloodthirsty, yellow ribbon-festooned fascist automatons spouting ridiculously vapid slogans like "Support Our Troops!"--as if anyone who didn't support the war actually *wished death* upon the poor unfortunate G.I. Joes and Janes that were forced to fight for the Kingdom of Kuwait and oil company profits!

The Professor was actually sprayed in the face with pepper spray by a bunch of Bush Youth because he had an "Impeach King George" sticker on his car, and the very same automobile was vandalized twice by bat-wielding patriotic hooligans. (Hmmm....I wonder if that happens as often to folks who have anti-Clinton stickers on their cars? Why do I doubt it?).

He was told by a co-worker that he should be "taken out and shot" for opposing the war and that "Saddam Hussein would invade the U.S." if he wasn't stopped (see Cohen's statement above for the most recent version of this idiocy). He attended an anti-war demonstration made up of thousands of *truly* conscientious, patriotic Americans, including veterans, teachers, and clergy, then watched as CNN chose to devote their coverage to the *thirty or forty* counter-protesters. Oh, yeah, they didn't *totally* neglect the mass gathering of anti-war demonstrators, because they did show *one guy* in a tie-dyed T-shirt doing some kind of free-form Grateful Dead dance for about ten seconds as the credits rolled. And you wonder why the Professor wanted to flee his native country in terror?

So, dear readers, the choice is yours. You can accept the bullshit that issues from the foetid mouth of the beast chained deep inside the Pentagram...oops, Pentagon walls....or you can scrape away the layers of filth and patiently dig for the truth. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

Thus sayeth the Professor.

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Happy Thoughts for the Day:

According to the most conservative estimates, more than one MILLION people have died in Iraq since the start of the blockade in 1990. The blockade has killed more than 567,000 CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE.
(Source: FAO Report, 1995)

More than 4,500 children are dying Every Month in Iraq. (Source: UNICEF, 1996)


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