Tuesday, September 21, 2004

2002 Plan to Steal Iraq's Oil


Not only does Iraq have vast quantities of easily accessible oil,
but its oil is almost untouched. "Think of Iraq as virgin territory ....
This is bigger than anything Exxon is involved in currently .... It is
the superstar of the future," says Gheit, "That's why Iraq becomes the
most sought-after real estate on the face of the earth."

Gheit just smiles at the notion that oil wasn't a factor in the U.S.
invasion of Iraq. He compares Iraq to Russia, which also has large
undeveloped oil reserves. But Russia has nuclear weapons. "We can't just
go over and ... occupy (Russian) oil fields," says Gheit. "It's a
different ballgame." Iraq, however, was defenceless, utterly lacking,
ironically, in weapons of mass destruction. And its location, nestled in
between Saudi Arabia and Iran, made it an ideal place for an ongoing
military presence, from which the U.S. would be able to control the
entire Gulf region. Gheit smiles again: "Think of Iraq as a military
base with a very large oil reserve underneath .... You can't ask for
better than that."



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