Saturday, May 15, 2004

Groovy "Razor Blade Potatoes" Graner

Charles Graner, father of Lynndie England's baby, has a long record of alleged abuse:

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His ex-wife once accused him of dragging her out of a room by her hair and trying to throw her down the stairs during a fight over their breakup. At the Pennsylvania prison where he worked as a low-level guard in civilian life, the Army reservist was accused in two lawsuits of brutality. In one, an inmate said Graner planted a razor blade in a plate of his potatoes. The lawsuits were dismissed and no charges were ever filed in the dispute with his wife, but the accusations continue to haunt Graner now that he faces court-martial in the abuse scandal.

But let's not blame the widespread abuse of Iraqi prisoners on the low-level pawns, however despicable their individual actions might be. Porn starlet Lynndie England continues to insist that she was ordered to assume certain fetching positions by higher-ups.

I have no doubt she's telling the truth. PsyOps is not going to be happy.


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